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Pastor James T. Verdell, Jr.  


Pastor James T. Verdell, Jr., is from Columbus, MS. He is the husband of Nichole Verdell, Co-Founder & Senior Director of Administration, and the father of three beautiful children: Kyle, Kyrie and Gabrielle.


He is a man of integrity, strength, and an outstanding knowledge of the Word of God. He is an honor graduate of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Theological Seminary (JSBCT) where he received numerous accolades.


He is the founder of All Nations Christian Fellowship Church, Inc. and is a gifted and multi-talented preacher, writer, pastor and evangelist. He is known for teaching with simplicity and profound insight on the issues of the modern church.


He is an authority on the message of the Cross and he’s seeing scores of believers baptized with the Holy Spirit as well as miracles, healings, and other gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in his meetings.


Pastor Verdell ministers extensively in Bible Prophecy and has founded several conferences and exposés to circumvent the spread of false doctrine in the Body of Christ. He serves as a “Spirit-filled Defender of the Faith” who understands where the church has been and where it should be headed.

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