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Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

This fellowship will provide ministry to the Women of God, of all ages, who are in need of spiritual edification and biblical understanding.
This is an opportunity to meet and fellowship with new women and to get to know other women in the church through interacting in inspiring and meaningful activities and biblical teaching.


The post modernist have attempted to redefine womanhood and has fostered a climate that has created a distortion of biblical femininity and the God given role of women in the home and church. Because of the plight of the family, through government assisted immorality and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, there’s a deep need for fellowship and discernment to meet the challenges of the hour. This time of ministry is profound and powerful as we witness the moving of the Holy Spirit through unity as women come together in sharing how they have overcome brokenness, and many other life traumatic experiences through the message of the Cross.


In this practical approach of ministry, mature women pour into younger women their knowledge, experiences and empower them in their calling; and aid them with godly wisdom as to how to conduct themselves as women of God and how to establish spiritual relationships as wives and single adults.

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