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This ministry looks at the struggle of, and helps meet the challenge of, being a Y2K teen and to disciple them in the message of the Cross. We explore things like: Self Identification vs. Identity in Christ, as well as understanding the need for biblical relationships so they can establish healthy spiritual relationships. We also want to make our youth aware of how society sees them and how marketers try to take advantage of them and use them for their benefit. Today’s youth are viewed by marketers as lab rats. These major industries pay billions of dollars to find out what youth like, so they can prey on their innocence. They realize the youth have a significant impact on family purchasing. Most importantly, they realize that once they’ve “branded” a child, then he/she will most likely be a customer for life, or from “the cradle to the grave” as they say. They are raping the young minds of the youth more and more, without care about the effects they’re having on them. Their whole goal is not for the benefit or betterment of the youth, but for their own purpose, which is financial gain. II Tim 2: 22, encourages teenagers to flee youthful lusts; but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. If we can equip them in the Word of righteousness and inform them of Satan’s tactics, they’ll be less likely to fall prey to the enemy in their relationships as well as engaging in popular trends that could lead to their detriment and destruction.

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